Watch this space for more details of what NetBuddies offers and where it operates.

You may want to:

Order your weekly shopping online from the supermarket.
Book a train ticket and find the quickest route.
Find a cheaper insurance quote.
Talk to your niece in Singapore or Solihull.
Show your latest photos to friends around the country.
Look for a new job.
Find out more about your family history.

An average family, using online services, saves over £560 per year compared to its offline equivalent.

All these services are available online now, but only if you have access to the right technology, and the ability to use it. NetBuddies aims to make it available at modest cost or possibly no cost at all, on a drop-in basis, with some help on hand to ensure everything works.

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We are a registered UK Online Centres partner, providing FREE training using the Online Basics courseware, designed for absolute beginners. We also provide other, more specific, advanced or vocational training for which there may be a small charge. Through our association with other groups we are able to offer home-based tuition on a one-to-one basis in some areas, for individuals who are unable to get to one of our centres, or for those with a disability that may require an adapted computer. Please e-mail with specific problems or requirements, or phone 01458 250603.

If you are interested in using NetBuddies services, or starting an affiliated group in your home area, take our survey. Click here to open the form in a separate window.

NetBuddies is partly funded through commercial activites. To find out more, click on the links under the header above.